Kebyar Duduk is a solo exhibition dance first created by a Balinese dancer named I Ketut Mario for a Kebyar gamelan orchestra performance. This is the second exclusive figure of the above. Most of the background information has been given in A Kebyar Duduk Dancer.


However, if you look at the fascinating video of this performance:



You will note that the dancer has to make his grand entrance before he squats on the floor. More often than not, he rises to one foot and kneels, always flicking his magnificent coloured trail about him and fluttering his fan.


Making the figure


This is another variant to capture a dramatic moment in the performance. The body was put together and a skirt carefully curved to represent the folds which are glued to the skirt.


Here, a more complex variant on this dancer is explored. The head, upper torso and left arm were taken from the Kebyar Duduk production figure. The right arm with fan, suitably modified, was taken from the Legong dancer. For a change, the head was posed facing to the right side. The legs were taken from the lower half of a kneeling Baris Djodjor figure. A sarong was sculpted over the legs with epoxy putty.


The coloured trail was represented by a length of sheet metal, which was attached to the sarong and carefully positioned to be held by the outstretched left arm. A completely different pose is achieved from the other seated Kebyar Duduk figures.


Modified Kebyar Duduk figure is flanked by a Series A production figures - Set A1 Kebyar Duduk figure and Set A2 Set Baris Djodjor figure


This variant is given the prefix KD4 to distinguish him from earlier variants.

KD4 (Front)


KD4 (Back)