Set B4aJ Javanese Wayang Kulit Puppets 


This set depicts a Javanese puppeteer, his assistant, 24 puppets and accessories.


This unique offering contains a variety of exquisite brass-etched silhouettes taken from actual examples of Wayang Kulit puppets. These pieces have been mounted on wires and are carefully painted on one side to represent perfectly scaled Wayang Kulit puppets (the only kind in this world!). The puppets are then inserted and fixed into pre-drilled holes in the banana boles.


The Javanese puppeteers are depicted in Javanese sarong patterns. They wear typical kain iket (head cloth). Note that the Javanese puppeteers (without keris) and are different castings from the Javanese kraton figures (with keris).


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The puppeteer (dalang) and his assistant are each depicted with two puppets, and the accessories include two different banana boles with 10 puppets each, and a puppet box and lid.



During a performance, the puppets are inserted into the banana boles on either side of the dalang. The good characters are arranged to his right side, and the bad characters are arranged to his left side. A triangular puppet (gunungan) is always placed at the beginning of and between performances. The assistant hands to the dalang the required puppets taken from the lid. Unused puppets are placed inside the box.


Additional puppets may be purchased and added to scatter around the scene, placed into the box or lid for added realism. A full size wayang kulit set may contain up to 250 puppets each, including two gunungan!