SET B1a Javanese Kraton Susuhunan/Sultan Procession


We are launching the Series B Javanese Kraton by depicting the Susuhunan of Kraton Surakarta, Pakubuwono X, who ruled from 1893-1939, as there is a lot of visual documentation about him. Pakubuwono X was a very well-built man and may be seen in a black tunic worn with many decorations and a red sash. In these pictures, he is wearing a kuluk but there are other pictures of him in a Madura hat.


pKUxCOMP2           pakuXcom

      Pakubuwono X and his queen            Pakubuwono X in royal procession with the Dutch Governor and attendants


 The pictures below depict two completed variants of Pakubuwono X. Other variants are also being developed.



Pakubuwono X in spectacular court dress




This figure is available individually now or may be incorporated with other pieces into SET B1c Javanese Kraton Susuhunan/Sultan ceremonial.



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