SET A3 Balinese Gamelan Orchestras


The gamelan orchestra is essential to accompanying any of the numerous dances or performances. A gamelan is an Indonesian percussion orchestra typical of Java and Bali. Each set comprises percussive instruments of gongs, bells and keyed metallophones (gangsa), supplemented by drums, flutes, fiddles and the human voice, all of which are used to produce intricate musical patterns.

The key instrument in any gamelan is the largest gong, known as a gong ageng. Other smaller gongs (gong kempul) may be hung next to it on the gayor (supports). All the other instruments are tuned to the gong ageng.






           KENDHANG (drums)                        LARGE AND SMALL FLUTES                    FIDDLE (rebab)


The unique Balinese gangsa instruments will be featured as well as other typical Balinese instruments. Javanese and Balinese gangsa instruments differ fundamentally in construction, appearance and concept. Javanese gangsa are metal strips suspended on a wooden platform. An example would be the saron. Balinese gangsa are metal strips suspended over hollow bamboo tubes.

The instrument cases of the Balinese gangsa are either plain or highly decorated in red and gold, and are made up of three main parts - the foot, the body, and the head. The foot (base) is the part that connects with the earth. The middle section or body contains the bamboo resonating tubes for the keys. The upper section, or head, arches up as if to the heavens.



            KANTILAN, UGAL, PEMADE                                       CALUNGAN, JEGOGAN


In keeping with the duality that runs thoughout much of Balinese culture, the Balinese Gangsa instruments are paired, one tuned slightly higher, and the other slightly lower than the nominal pitch, which generates a beautiful shimmering or beating effect. Golden Chersonese Miniatures offers 5 different Balinese gangsa instruments! Separately, a tiny angklung casting is offered in an unusual angklung orchestra set!

A prominent Balinese instrument is the reyong, played by 1, 2 or 4 players. The Balinese ceng-ceng (cymbals) is typically found supported on a turtle or frog carving, Finally the beautiful celempung (zither) is sometimes included within specific gamelan orchestras.



                                     REYONG PLAYER(S)                                               ANGKLUNG



CENG-CENG                           SARON                            CELEMPUNG


The numerous musicians playing different instruments are offered with various body and hand positions and are painted in several sarong (cloth) colour schemes, offering endless variations in composition. Thus, every set would be unique.

There are various gamelan types of differing complexity and scope. Due to the complexity and number of pieces, five sets have been developed.


Please click on the below links to view the following sets:


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Set A3d Balinese Gamelan Saron Wayang Orchestra

Set A3e Balinese Angklung Orchestra


Note that many of the musical instruments are different castings to the Series B Javanese Kraton Gamelan orchestra sets.