The “Javanese Kraton” theme was chosen for its stately grace and striking poses. Period photos show proud courtiers in regal poses. The Javanese court adopted black coats woven with golden embroidery for formal court attire which set off the splendid sarong cloth worn. There were various palace guard units and they wore suitably ceremonial costumes.





Development of sketches of kraton court costumes and palace guards


Javanese King


Although the Kraton Yogyakarta boasts a collection of over 20 gamelan sets, none can match the magnificence of the Sir Stamford Raffles Gamelan now housed in the British Museum and documented in a single booklet (William Fagg (ed.), The Raffles Gamelan - A Historical Note, The British Museum 1970).



Scale drawings were made of the Raffles gamelan instruments. The miniatures were carefully sculpted based on research and comparison of other gamelan instruments with those in this booklet.



Development of conceptual designs into scale drawings for sculpting miniatures


Thus the whole series was built around the Raffles gamelan and the unusual pairing of the Raffles Gamelan with Javanese Kraton courtiers truly makes for a spectacular display. While the Balinese miniatures are painted in very bright and colourful cloth sarongs, these Javanese Kraton miniatures are dressed in subdued colours and contrasted against the spectacular Raffles Gamelan instruments.


Production of Javanese Gong Ageng miniatures