The “Bali” theme was chosen for its flair in the arts. It was largely inspired by a book written by Beryl de Zoete and Walter Spies entitled “Dance and Drama in Bali” (first published in 1938). Inside the book were wonderfully evocative period pictures and descriptions of all sorts of Balinese dance performances, a lost world largely forgotten and now, utterly lost.


In Series A, the miniatures are based on old period photos and matched against contemporary photos to clarify minor details.  Thus, the famed Balinese dancers are featured in their brightly coloured costumes. The most famous dances such as the Legong, Kebyar and Baris are presented first. As this series grows, it is proposed to present other dances and performances.



Preliminary sketches of Balinese performances



 Baris                                                                                Keybar Duduk    


All the performances are accompanied by various gamelan orchestras. The musicians are also gaily dressed, complemented by the rustic flavor of the musical instruments.  It was decided to sculpt the full range of gangsa instruments in order to depict a complete Balinese gamelan.



Development of designs for Balinese Gangsa instruments



Masters for the production of castings