Set E6  Huli Dancers


The Huli are one of the most photographed group of the Highlands, as they take a very prominent role in the annual Sing-sing festivals. Part of their appeal comes from their unique body display. Unlike most other highland tribes which choose to use black (or red) facial displays, the Huli men choose to use yellow as the basic face display.


For festive or ceremonial occasions, the participants have to ensure that their group display is suitably fitting. There are two types of basic wig shapes for the men – Mali (married) and Haroli (bachelors). Mali wigs are upturned and Haroli wigs are downturned. The Huli men have two distinctive feather sets, one comprising a feather tower and the other a Red bird/Ranggania plume set.

Women do not wear wigs or appear to have worn any feather sets.