No excuses for creating more versions of the unique Baris Tunggal figure. The dance and costume is most intriguing and I just wanted to experiment with more poses.  Background information can be found at:



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To summarize, the typical Baris costume consists of a triangular-shaped white headdress bedecked with white flowers or mother of pearl shells mounted on wires and quivering with every slight movement of the dancer. Two bunches of red flowers fringe this unique headdress. Sometimes, the white headdress may be substituted with gilded and carved leather for a more magnificent effect. Usually a coloured jacket decorated with gold trim is worn over white trousers. Black leggings with gold trim are also worn. The dancer is adorned with a multitude of elegantly coloured stoles, which create a very dramatic effect when he whirls around.


The Baris dancers in production are available under Series A BALI in four different sets, each set comprising four figures as follows: -

SET A2a Baris Djodjor with lance kneeling

SET A2b Baris Presi with a small wavy shield

SET A2c Baris Pendet with food offering

SET A2d Baris Toembaek with lance standing


The exclusive and unique Baris Tunggal dancers were created by using either the Baris Pendet or the Baris Presi body combined with various hand positions. The heads and hands were twisted and attached to create more dramatic poses. Additional stoles as worn by Baris Tunggal dancers were made from existing stole castings cut in half and attached to the body. The aesthetic style of the production figures was preserved to allow these figures to harmonize with the range. In summary, a total of 7 individual poses have been created for the Baris Tunggal dancing figure. These have been labeled BT1 (the first Baris Tunggal figure created) to BT7 for ease of identification. Various coloured stoles have been painted to add variety and gaiety.


BT2 and BT3 (Front)


BT2 and BT3 (Back)


BT4 and BT5 (Front)


BT4 and BT5 (Back)


BT6 and BT7 (Front)


BT6 and BT7 (Back)


Seven Baris Tunggal dancers in dramatic poses with additional stoles